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Shir-Organic contains all natural and organic ingredients with whole fruit and herbal pulps. Utilizing state of the art, eco-friendly bamboo packaging, Shir-Organic offers a new natural approach to skin care today. Shir-Organic anti-aging formulas contain natural and organic ingredients which strengthen, hydrate skin, stimulate cell regeneration, and defend against environmental damage. Saturated with Phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins, Shir-Organic products will create firmer, healthier-looking skin!

Whether you're interested in cleansing, toning or moisturizing, Shir-Organic products will give you the results you want! The effective, scientific combination of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, which were carefully selected in Shir-Organic face care products, provide the skin with the nourishment needed to combat signs of aging, and address various kinds of skin conditions.

So come discover the amazing blend of powerful botanicals that are not only good for your skin and senses, but for the environment as well.

Boto-Derm Rx
Boto-Derm Rx is a new concept in skin care, which combines the most powerful and scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients in the cosmecuetical industry. Shira has created a rejuvenating formulation based on uniquely concentrated multi-peptides, antioxidants and organic (botanical) compounds which are clinically proven to reverse the signs of aging.

Boto-Derm Rx utilizes the most advanced technology in delivery system which allows seamless penetration of these elements through the epidermis, thus delivering the most visible results in combating expression lines, deep wrinkles, eye-puffiness, uneven skin tone and acne.

Boto-Derm Rx charges your complexion with a mega-dose of moisturizes, antioxidants and 4 different peptides. Daily use helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps keep skin moisturized and radiant. It also helps condition and revitalize aging skin while you sleep, leaving skin unbelievable radiant and silky looking.

The Boto-Derm Rx Age Defying facial firms the skin and noticeably reduces the appearance of wrinkles so skin looks smoother, younger and pores become visibly smaller.

Many anti wrinkle treatments on the market are ineffective because they use the wrong percentages of effective ingredients. Boto-Derm Rx Contains the same percentage of scientific ingredients as those used in studies with successful results. A product that effectively combines the right ingredients, with the right percentages of those ingredients, creates a formulation that works!

Other Products
 Specialty facial from Shira Organic fruit facial or boto Derm facial for an additional $35.00 per upgraded specialty facial.
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