We Say Goodbye To Sally Field

Stunning even the talkative host into silence, Sally Field came clean on how she’s managed to maintain her youthful good looks despite decades in the industry and admits she has NEVER gone under the knife.
As Jimmy Fallon playfully teased the stunning actress about her ageless appearance, noting that she has looked exactly the same every time she has joined him as a guest on his show, the star opened up.
Despite being in her 70, the gorgeous star says she often gets mistaken for being in her 40’s and sometimes is even told she has the appearance of someone in their 30’s.

The actress blushed during the startling revelation as she wowed audiences by admitting her good looks are not the work of a plastic surgeon. Shying away from the regular Hollywood route, Field revealed that her hippy background made her more open to trying natural treatments at a young age.
“A lot of the women in my family turned to alternative medicine and I noticed a reoccurring theme – these natural ingredients were doing an incredible job at keeping these women ageless,” explained Field.

Sally says that natural ingredients have allowed her to maintain her youthful good looks

The star agrees that while genetics does play a role in how quickly someone ages; she was determined to unlock the powers hidden in the natural ingredients her family was readily using.
Field hired a team of skincare specialists and dermatologists to analyze the ingredients found in a lot of the alternative medicine and products that her family members were using and together they uncovered a fascinating secret.
“Basically we discovered there is really no need for plastic surgery or botox. As humans, our bodies have the amazing ability to self-heal as long as we’re supplying our bodies with the correct nutrients. Instead of pumping our bodies full of toxins and synthetics, we need to take a holistic approach,” shared the star.

According to Field, most of the toxic ingredients found in a lot of the major skincare products on the market actually cause further damage to your skin and accelerate the aging process.
Field recommends anyone who is serious about rewinding the clock should swap out their chemical laden products in favor of a natural product.
“There is a lot of confusion around anti-aging skincare, so once we discovered the key ingredients to healthy, younger looking skin, I realized I needed to make it accessible to everyone,” said Field.
The actress and her team of experts created Dermal Meds , which contain top-grade natural ingredients to help your body fight the signs of aging.

Sally Field admits she first tested the product on herself and two of her closest friends, Amy Adams and Helen Hunt.Amy and Helen were the first people to trial Dermal Meds

The results Helen and I achieved from just one month of using Dermal Meds is outstanding. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. My skin is honestly so healthy that it glows and there isn’t a wrinkle in sight” – Amy Adams

“Dermal Meds has changed my life. I used to think there was an expiry date on my career because it’s a well-known fact that old actresses don’t get work. But since using Dermal Meds no one can tell my age!” – Julia Roberts

“I was wasting so much time trying every new anti-aging product that became available until Sally introduced me to Dermal Meds. It’s the only product I’ve ever used that truly works, within a few weeks my wrinkles were fading and my skin was luminous again, something it hadn’t been in over 10 years!” – Kate Winslet

“My skin was starting to sag and I truly thought my only option was surgery. Thankfully Sally stepped in and convinced me to try Dermal Meds before making any drastic decisions. After just one week I could tell my skin was visibly firmer and plumper.” – Anne Hathaway

“A lot of my friends were resorting to botox injections and I thought I would have to do the same. I was considering booking a consultation when Sally told me that she uses Dermal Meds. That woman hasn’t aged in three decades, so I knew I had to try it for myself. Now I am well and truly a Dermal Meds convert, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin.” Meryl Streep

Dermal Meds is hands down the best anti-aging products you can find. I was suffering from multiple signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, inflammation, you name it and I had it! Dermal Meds solved all of those issues within weeks. Now Dermal Meds is the only thing I use.” – Melanie Griffith


So, what if you aren’t rich or famous? Sally does not care!

“I’m not in this to make a fortune,” Sally told a friend recently. “I have experienced my fair share of wealth. I just want to help people.”

That is why she is now offering readers the opportunity to experience the joys of younger looking skin for FREE!

The only cost to you is a $4.95 shipping and handling fee, so you can try the Dermal Meds have it delivered right to your front door. Simply click on the link here for ordering details.

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