How to Handle Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

Erectile dysfunction in young men is a problem faced by many men at some stage in their life. Since this problem is quite a sensitive one, many men hesitate to discuss it with others and hence it becomes quite difficult to find a solution. This problem of erectile dysfunction does frustrate many men and does also leave them disappointed. Not only does affect the men, it does also affect the women in their lives. It does also affect their relationship adversely. Hence, one should take care that the problem is resolved at the earliest. Both the partners should be involved in order to solve this problem of erectile dysfunction in young men.

Erectile dysfunction in young men is a sexual problem wherein the man is not able to achieve erection. Not being able to sustain erection till the sexual intercourse is completed is also termed as erectile dysfunction. This is usually due to the inability of the blood vessels surrounding the penis to allow free flow of blood which is responsible for erections. There are many problems which are associated or which lead to this disorder. In most cases, solving the cause automatically reverses the erectile dysfunction.

One of the most common and crucial problem which does give rise to this disorder is the damage in the cardiovascular system. For the penis to be erected in a proper manner, it is supposed to be engorged fully with blood. If a person is suffering from cardiovascular problems like circulatory and heart problems, it does not allow the blood to reach the penis. Since the blood does not reach the penis, erection is not obtained and even if it is obtained, it does not last for the required length of time.

Obesity is another problem which can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. If a man has too much deposits of fat in his body, it does lead to a decrease in the stamina. Since the man lacks the stamina and energy which is required to hold the erection, it may happen that even though he was able to obtain erection, but due to the problem of obesity, he will lose the erection immediately. Hence to avoid obesity affecting your sex life, one should make sure that the weight is maintained to an optimum level and one should exercise regularly so that the stamina is increased.

A person who smokes excessively or who drinks lots of alcohol is also bound to suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol and cigarette have certain elements which might interfere with the process which helps in achieving erection. Hence, one should make sure that they do not smoke or drink alcohol too much as it will certainly have an effect on sex life.

If the person is suffering from psychological problems like stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other such problems, the hormones which lead to erection are decreased and it falls below the mark of normal. Lack of hormones might affect erection. Some of the young people are affected by the anxiety of the sexual experience, fear of making their partner pregnant as well as the risk of being infected by some sexual diseases.

At the end, erectile dysfunction in young men can be discouraging as the young men are just starting their sexual exploration. It may affect their sexual lives in future and making them understand that there is a solution is the best way to regain their hope in life. It requires an understanding partner to go through this as their support help stabilize the young man’s psychological status and speeds up recovery.

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