Avoir Derma Ultimate Anti Aging Cream Review

Avoir Derma Cream Review

Aging is a natural phenomenon and there is no way you can escape from it. Your skin goes through so much during your whole life. It is exposed to so many different factors that can affect its overall health and its freshness. There are quite a few signs that you are aging and that your skin is deteriorating.

Wrinkles appear on the skin. These can be see visible on the skin and you can clearly observe them on your face and neck. The problem with this is that you cannot do much about it and wrinkles are inevitable in most cases. As soon as you start getting a bit older, wrinkles start making an appearance and with age, they get worse and more prominent.
You will also be able to see that the glow of your face has been lost. During your youth, the skin looks quite glow full and that is something that is well-observed during the prime of one’s age. As the age progresses, this glow slowly starts to fade. Just like any flower that loses its beauty after some time if kept off the branch, your skin also starts to lose its glow.
Also, dark spots start to appear under the eyes. Normally, people have dark circles under their eyes because they do not get much sleep. If the same routine is kept by the person throughout their life, it is probable that the spots would be etched forever in the skin and become more pronounced during old age.
With age, the flexibility of skin also declines. During youth, the skin is quite flexible and even this can be seen visibly. As you age, the flexibility starts to decrease due to lesser number of proteins and lesser water content in your body. Flexibility of the skin, when decreased, leads to wrinkles since a skin that is much supple can never have wrinkles.

What is Avoir Derma Cream?

Avoir Derma Cream is an anti-aging cream that is aimed at removing wrinkles from the skin. The cream helps to moisturize the skin and make it as young as it is during old age. The cream increase collagen levels in the skin since increased collagen levels helps to make the skin supple and upright once again.

As the name suggests, this cream goes into the dermal layers of the skin and has effects deep within the skin. The major problem with creams is that they do not absorb well and they stay on the skin, not doing any benefit to the layers under the epidermis. However, Avoir Derma seeps into the skin and shows its effects in the dermal layers.

How Does Avoir Derma Cream Work?

Avoir Derma Cream works by going into the skin and hydrating it. The ingredients in this cream help to make the skin hydrated so that it stays intact and the reactions that need water can carry on properly. Also, water is needed to make the skin fresh and make it look radiant throughout the day.

The second thing that this cream does is that it increases the levels of proteins in the skin. Peptides are an essential component of the skin. Without these, the skin begins to sag and it also appears less fresh. This cream increases the protein contents in the skin so that the skin stays supplemented and it does not become a victim of sagging or lack of freshness.

Benefits of Avoir Derma Cream

      Avoid Derma comes with numerous benefits for the body. This is why it has become a favorite among most users. Many people have said that the cream works like a wonder and they would continue using the cream for as long as they possibly can.

It helps to keep the dark spots away. Your whole life, you can try remedies and other things to make your dark spots go away but once you stop using them, the spots resurface, coming with a more force the next time. However, this cream makes the dark spots go away for good and makes sure that they do not appear again.
It also keeps the wrinkles away from your skin. With age, wrinkles start to appear on the skin because the cross linking in the skin is lessened. The cream makes this strong once again by increasing the levels of proteins and peptides that are present in the skin. As the proteins increase, the skin remains flexible as well as supple. Thus, you will not seen any wrinkles on your skin.
The cream also keeps the skin hydrated. Hydration is very important for the body as you know average human being needs to drink at least 6 glasses of water every day. Along with your body, your face and skin also needs hydration and this is what the cream aims at providing to the skin.
Also, the cream prevent furrow lines from forming on the skin. Furrow lines form when you have marks from frowning or even smiling too much. The lines become etched in the skin and can spoil the whole appearance of the skin. This cream helps to smooth out these lines and give you clear skin.
The cream also ensures that every part of your skin is even toned. Normally, the problem is that when you are exposed to sun and UV rays for a long time, the skin loses its charm and different regions of the skin have different colors. This cream makes your skin a single tone and gives you an attractive look.

Testimonial Of Avoir Derma Cream

People are quite satisfied with the product and they believe that they have found their solution in this cream. One of the users had to say, “ I have been using so many creams for so many of my skin problems. However, none of them seemed to work for my skin. I don’t know whether it is because the creams were not suited for my skin or whether they did not have the right ingredients. I got to know about Avoir Derma Cream from the internet and I cannot be more grateful for the day that I heard about this cream. Premature aging was making me quite tensed and I could not even be happy with the way I looked. Ever since I started using the cream, I have felt my youth coming back and I smile every time I look at myself in the mirror now”.

Where to Buy Avoir Derma Cream

If you want to have a young skin, you need to get the cream from the official distributes who are also the manufacturers of the cream. The cream is only available online and you need to simply place am order to get the cream delivered to you. The process is quite simple and quick, with the delivery timings ranging from one day in a rush order with extra cost) to three days for local orders. Make sure that you only order from the official website otherwise you could fall prey to fake names and fake websites.

Final Verdict on Avoir Derma Cream

The cream can prove to be the ultimate solution for all your skin needs. Thus, give it a try and get the skin of your dreams without being exposed to surgery or laser.

Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly ‘Angry’ With Kate Middleton For A Very Strange Reason

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is known globally for her beauty and charisma found herself in hot water after she disobeyed the orders of Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal Family. Believe it or not, a Royal Family insider revealed that she got in trouble for seeking her own outside help for her makeup and beauty treatment! Royal’s are pressured to look their best at all times age and sometimes it can be too much to take.

“How can the royal family be involved in something like this?”

For those of you who stay up to date on the on the latest news and gossip going around about Royals its no coincidence that Kate Middleton has become even more beautiful and even younger looking since she married Prince William and officially became apart of the Royal Family back in 2011. But what exactly did she do that resulted in her family getting upset with her “age defiance?” Well, it just so happens that she’s teamed up with Dr. Oz to create a skincare product that actually works and it seems that their latest formula is the REAL reason for her youthful look. Although it didn’t make skincare giants like L’Oreal and Olay happy, it makes normal people like us very happy because it’s excitingly effective, safe, and cheap!


The project Kate is referring to is her wildly popular anti-aging skincare line ZilaDerm. The duchess has spent the past two years developing a line of highly potent and effective anti-aging products that she claims are the solution for those who don’t want to resort to plastic surgery.

Her product ZilaDerm sold out within ten minutes when first launched and it seems the world cannot get enough of the benefits and results.

Kate even admitted that plastic surgeons are furious with her after noticing a large decline in patients since ZilaDerm was launched on the market.

“Users of ZilaDerm are experiencing anti-aging results that before now were only possible through surgeons. It’s obviously a much cheaper, easier and safer alternative and because of that plastic surgeons are finding it harder to book patients for botox injections and face lifts.”

Having a crowd of angry plastic surgeons is a glowing endorsement for ZilaDerm, but Kate has been proactive in getting ZilaDerm into the hands of those who need it.

Together the duo actually discovered this anti aging miracle when multiple celebrity friends and clients were constantly reaching out to him hoping for a solution to look younger to prolong their career without going in for surgery.

Countless aging celebs admit they avoided surgery and look 10 years younger using Regenere.

“The advances Kate has made in the anti-aging skincare industry are remarkable. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t had the chance to try it out for myself. I knew Kate was aging well but thought it was her genetics. After using ZilaDerm for two weeks I was already looking years younger.” – Reese Witherspoon

“I refuse to wear a lot of makeup and thanks to ZilaDerm I don’t need to. My skin has never looked better and it looks younger than it did 10 years ago. I love waking up knowing I don’t need to bother trying to cover up my skin.” – Meghan Markle

“I noticed that my skin was looking tired. It was dull and starting to lose its elasticity. Kate gave me a sample of ZilaDerm and the product is a miracle worker. It only took a few days for my skin to be taut, smooth and glowing again just like it was in my 20’s.” – Emma Thompson

“I thought there was no way to hide my age until Kate let me try ZilaDerm. I had resigned myself to the fact that it was only downhill from here, but with ZilaDerm that isn’t the way. Every night that I use ZilaDerm I wake up looking younger and more radiant. I can’t believe it.” – Pippa Middleton

“It’s hard to believe but all my wrinkles have vanished! They have completely disappeared. I used to have lines around my mouth, eyes and forehead. But after a month of using ziladerm my skin is completely smooth without a wrinkle in sight.” – Helen Mirren


While ZilaDerm is selling out around the world, Kate didn’t want our readers to miss out on experiencing the benefits of ZilaDerm for themselves.

Kate is offering our lucky readers the chance to try ZilaDerm for FREE!

There’s no need to rush out to the shops or wait in line. You can order your free sample of the serum right now from the comfort of your own home. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is the discounted shipping rate, which is less than $6!

If you want to remove your wrinkles and get that youthful glow back into your complexion, make sure you use ZilaDerm every day. This product is designed to give you incredible anti-aging results.

Because of the high demand of  ZilaDerm, Kate can only offer a limited amount of free samples so you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of this amazing offer.


Serum of Life




Apex Serum of Life

Serum of Life by Apex Vitality claims to be an advanced formula anti-aging cream that fights the visible signs of aging by stimulating new cell growth, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring skin’s elasticity and suppleness, helping retain moisture, and instantly tightening skin. In fact, Apex Serum of Life claims to “instantly make you look 2-5 years younger,” without painful injections, expensive lasers, or invasive surgery.

In order to accomplish this, Serum of Life claims to deliver whole collagen molecules directly into the epidermis and to feature antioxidants, shea butter, wheat germ oil, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), as well as a natural “wonder ingredient.”

In order to use Apex Serum of Life, the manufacturer claims the process works over 3 steps:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry.
  2. Apply Serum of Life to your entire face and neck.
  3. Enjoy the “instant, incredible” results.

The reality though, is that you probably are familiar with many of Serum of Life’s claims. But ultimately what you want to know is: Does it work to make you look younger? In our opinion, probably not and here’s why:

The Effectiveness of Serum of Life’s Ingredients

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 (known as palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 prior to 2006) is a proprietary ingredient known as Matrixyl, which is manufactured by Sederma and is claimed to “reverse the chronological ageing as attested by the regulation of senescence markers. Ageing skin tends to behave like young skin, and to “reduce the cutaneous photo damage by restructuring the fragile network of the papillary dermis.” However, the manufacturer doesn’t provide any third-party clinical evidence showing it works as advertised.

However, there is insufficient clinical evidence showing that shea butter, wheat germ oil, or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) can provide any of the benefits claimed by Apex Vitality, other than moisturization.

Finally, antioxidants may “prevent or delay some types of cell damage,” although without knowing exactly what kinds are found in Serum of Life, this tells us essentially nothing about how they can help your skin.

So that’s why people are using Snail Essence on their face

Run an online search for “snail essence,” and you’ll find a whole host of skincare products that feature snail secretions ― yes, the goo that comes out of a snail ― as a key ingredient.

Used as a skin treatment in ancient Greece, the substance has made a big comeback in recent years as a Korean-based beauty trend. Brands like Tony Moly and Missha sell moisturizers, masks, makeup creams and serums with snail slime in them, and a snail-infused “EscarGlow” facial has made its gooey mark on New York City.

New York City dermatologist Tabasum Mir told HuffPost exactly where snail secretions come from.

When snails are agitated, they excrete a thick fluid as a means to protect themselves,” Mir said. When concentrated, this slimy snail mucin is said to aid human skin by hydrating, preventing aging and improving wrinkles and scars.

Popular products generally run between $6 (for a snail gel mask by Missha) to $60 (for Tony Moly’s “timeless ferment snail essence set”).

So, is it worth it?

Likely not: Snail mucin is packed with nutrients, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be effective as a skin treatment, Marie Jhin, a dermatologist at California Pacific Medical Center, told HuffPost.

“The slime is not consistently concentrated and [benefits] may depend on the type of snail and amount excreted,” she said. “The way the slime is processed is not easily done and universal, thus the formulation of the slime may not be the same [across products].”

In beauty products, snail mucin is sometimes listed as “snail essence” or “snail secretion” on ingredient lists.

You can find the same key nutrients of snail slime ― which Jhin says are hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes and peptides ― elsewhere, she added. Mir agrees.

“There is nothing specifically unique to snail mucin that you cannot get anywhere else,” she said. 

Ling replenishing hydrator, for example, comes recommended from Into The Gloss and contains the same moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid as snail mucin. And Goldfaden MD’s bright eyes serum is a good source of peptides that doesn’t contain mollusk goop.

The glycolic acid in snail mucin is said to help your cells produce collagen and elastin, which even out skin tone and smooth its surface. But any product with glycolic acid can do the same, Mir says: She recommends her own line of exfoliating pore pads, and Allure recommends The Magic Pads as a cheaper option.

Limited research suggests moderate success of snail slime in improving skin. In one small study, California researchers prescribed snail essence creams to 25 participants with skin damage and found that it improved eye wrinkles and skin texture after 12 weeks. That study dealt with slime from the same type of snail whose mucin is available in products like Biophelle’s, researcher Sabrina Fabi told HuffPost, while noting that the study was not a large clinical trial.

Overall, snail mucin’s practical benefits are few, according to Beverly Hills dermatologist Jennifer Ahdout, who said she conducted her own review of the topic after patients started asking about it.

“[Mucin] can help with hydration of the skin, but to claim that it treats wrinkles, acne scars, and other skin conditions is quite bogus,” she told HuffPost.

Jhin says you’re free to give snail products a whirl if you’d like, but do so with caution as you would any beauty product: Use only a small amount at first on a specific spot to check for reactions or allergies, and don’t use if you have sensitive skin.